A Russian Victory Day parade was held in Winnipeg Saturday but not without controversy.

Protesters were on hand in front of the Legislative Building to speak out against the black and orange ribbons being worn.

For Russians, the St George ribbons have long been a symbol of the Second World War victory over Nazi Germany.

More recently, they have also been associated with separatist sentiment among some in eastern Ukraine.

Ivan Marymovsky was at the Manitoba Legislature to protest the ribbons being worn.

“My family is in eastern Ukraine and people who are killing and terrorising are wearing these ribbons,” he said. “So, for them to wear these ribbons…I want to know why. I want to know the reason why.”

Olesya Seniuk was one of the people wearing the ribbon and said she sees it as a sign of respect.

“If I don't wear the ribbon on Victory Day, that's disrespecting my grandfather that fought in the war and disrespecting everybody that has died,” she said.

Police were on hand for the parade but no arrests were made.