A new campaign aims to give Winnipeggers more pride in the city they live in, one social media post at a time.

The campaign WinnLove was created by a team of psychologists at Clinic Psychology Manitoba. They came up with 15 specific tips based on studying human behaviour and the psychology of changing how we feel.

The tips are designed to encourage people to make small changes in how they think and behave in order to feel more positively about themselves and Winnipeg.

The first three tips were released on the WinnLove website. They are: be a good neighbour; celebrate everything; and love your heart, love your mind. Winnipeggers are asked to share their experiences and photos relating to each tip using their favourite form of social media.

“The goal is to highlight all of the amazing reasons why we love our Winnipeg, and to focus on what our city has to offer,” the group said in a news release.

“It is also a means to engage community and empower all Winnipeggers to share personal experiences that help build their sense of civic pride.”

A new tip will be released each month.

WinnLove is part of Clinic Psychology’s Public Mental Health Initiative, which aims to educate the public about aspects of mental health through innovative campaigns and initiatives.