Progressive Conservative leader Brian Pallister won his seat in the Fort Whyte byelection Tuesday night.

Pallister received a warm welcome Tuesday night at his headquarters. He earned just over 3,600 votes, 1,500 more than his nearest rival Liberal nominee Bob Axworthy.

The seat was previously held by former PC leader Hugh McFadyen, who stepped down earlier this year.

The riding has traditionally voted conservative.

Wednesday, Pallister unveiled his new shadow cabinet.

Pallister wasted no time taking shots at the majority New Democrat Party in Manitoba.“We are also committed not just to the criticism of the government’s agenda, although there is much to criticize,” he said.

He continued, “But also to the research and the generation of ideas that the government has missed.”

Pallister says to do that he is switching some high profile MLA’s responsibilities. Longtime justice critic Kelvin Goertzen will become the education critic, and Myrna driger will become the new finance critic, leaving the health critic portfolio she has held for many years.