A local family is marking a somber anniversary and reminding everyone of the dangerous and deadly consequences of auto theft. 

One year ago Monday 38-year-old Rachelle Leost was killed in a horrific crash involving a stolen van.

Leost, who had a husband and three children, was driving to work early in the morning when two men in a stolen van allegedly blew through a stop sign and broadsided her vehicle.

"She was the baby, but the strong one," said one of Rachelle's four sisters, Elise Jarmuske. "We're doing this for her and the other people like her who have lost their family members."

Leost's family is gathering Monday night at the corner of Cathedral Avenue and Arlington Street -- the very spot where she lost her life. There they will light purple candles (her favourite colour), but more importantly they want to push for change in the justice system.

"Level four car thieves are still out there," said sister Louise Marcheschuk. "They're still chasing them. Why are they out there? So something's got to be done before someone else dies."

"There have been so many shootings and stabbings and killings this year," said another sister, Bernice Carrier. "It's like the gangs are taking over and people aren't safe on the streets anymore from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m."

Two men were charged with Rachelle's death. The driver, Ashley Louie Richard, is charged with various charges including impaired driving causing death. Court documents obtained by CTV News reveal that at the time of the crash the driver was already under a curfew and was also ordered by the courts to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

The passenger, Jesse Tyler James, is also charged. So far, the two men have just had preliminary hearings.

The next court date is this Wednesday, May 14. The family says it plans on attending as many of the court dates as possible.

The sisters say sitting in court is tough but it's part of ensuring justice for Rachelle.

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