A Manitoba man has started a speaking platform for people recovering from meth use, after reaching one year of sobriety.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sky Moneyas said after surpassing his one year mark of sobriety he launched “Life After Meth”, a speaking event for people to share their experiences about living and recovering from methamphetamine addiction at Westminster United Church, on Saturday.

“I’m doing this to help others because I like helping others,” Moneyas said.

“Some people think you can’t recover from meth addiction, but me and the three speaking today are living proof you can.”

The event supplied information for mental health services and “Life After Meth” t-shirts.

Moneyas moved to Winnipeg from Hollow Water First Nation, a remote community off of Lake Winnipeg, when he was 18-years-old. He said that’s when he was introduced to drugs and alcohol, including meth.

"At the time, I figured there was no way out from crystal meth, it was so addictive, and it was hard to get off.”

Moneyas said as he was struggling addiction, a death in his family motivated him to stop. He sought treatment through a 12-step program and made a break-through in July 2018. He’s been sober since.

“It opened my eyes and I thought ‘That could be me!’, “said Moneyas.

Rae Graham was a speaker at the event and opened up about her battles with the drug when she began using at the age of 15. She believes sobriety is a difficult process and those struggling have to make hard choices.

“Be prepared to leave old places, people and things, and there are lots of resources out there to help,” Graham said.

Moneyas said he plans to take his “Life After Meth” event back home to Hollow Water First Nation. He said he’s also in talks to hold an event in Ontario in the near future.