Two of Canada's most wanted men are still at large, following a massive police operation near The Pas that began Sunday and lasted about 24 hours.

Police surrounded a housing complex on the Opaskwayak Cree Nation late Sunday morning, after receiving a tip that Daniel Wolfe, an escaped inmate from the Regina Correctional Centre, was inside one of the units.

Emergency response teams from Saskatchewan and Manitoba took about 65 residents out of the area before moving in.

"It was scary [the police] were here a couple of weeks ago and that didn't turn out to be anything," Jeanette Sayese said. "Units one to seven had the doors kicked in because the attic is accessible from [those suites]."

"It was rather exciting to tell you the truth and freaky at the same time," area resident Scott McGillivray said. "You got guys with heavy assault rifles running throughout my yard."

The building's tenants spent the night with friends and family or at a nearby hotel during the police operation.

By Monday afternoon officers had not found Wolfe, and residents were allowed back into their suites.

Residents say Wolfe is not trying to hide 

Wolfe, originally from The Pas, is considered one of the founding members of the infamous and violent Indian Posse gang based in Winnipeg.

Residents who live in the housing complex say he has been seen out and about, even visiting a nearby bar.

They say he wasn't really trying to hide and wasn't wearing any kind of disguise.

"We've seen him walking around like two weeks ago," McGillivray told CTV News. "And I asked him 'You're Wolfe aren't you?' And he just said f- you and he walked away."

"Somebody stopped in front of him and I turned around because I wanted to positively identify him. I looked at him and said you're Wolfe, and he was so reluctant to talk to me."

Wolfe and five other inmates broke through a brick wall at the Regina Correctional Centre on Aug. 24.

The 32 year old was in Regina awaiting trial on two counts of first degree murder and more counts of attempted murder, when he escaped.

Four of the men who escaped with him have been caught.

Cody Dillon Keenatch, 19, and Preston Clarence Buffalocalf, 22, were arrested at a West Broadway apartment in Winnipeg last Tuesday night.

The two remaining escapees are Wolfe and Ryan John Agecoutay, 25.

RCMP consider the men dangerous and possibly armed.

With a report from CTV's Stacey Ashley.


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