Winnipeg Transit driver Kris Doubledee is being praised for his thoughtfulness after stopping to offer his shoes to a barefoot homeless man earlier in the week.

“I asked the Lord just to ease his pain because he has no shoes,” said Doubledee.

The next day while driving in the same area, Doubledee saw the man shuffling down the street barefoot once more.

“And the weather was just terrible. It was cold,” he said.

So he decided to act, pulling his bus over to the side of the road. Doubledee jumped out and gave the man his shoes.

“I didn’t get a chance to see if they fit, but (I’ve) got a big foot so I’m pretty sure they did,” said Doubledee.

He then got back on the bus and resumed driving with just his socks on.

Passengers spotted the act of kindness.

“My eyes started welling up,” said Denise Campbell.

She shared the story with her co-workers and on a community news site and from there the story went viral.

Doubledee has also been fielding calls from reporters from across the country and is set to appear on CBS' morning show in New York.

"This act has certainly been one that's caught our attention. It's not of the norm,” said Randy Tonnellier from Winnipeg Transit.

Doubledee, however, views his act as a simple one.

“Just slow down a bit and pay attention to your brother and sister and help them out,” he said.