The group wants to bring hope to those in need and it's been able to do that until now.

International Hope is a non-profit organization that has been providing medical supplies to poor countries around the World for a decade.

"It means some are getting healthcare they could not get before," explained the former president of International Hope Valerie McIntyre.

"Some have a bed to lie in, in a hospital rather than a cot or a straw mat."

The group provides anything and everything from canes and crutches to wheelchairs and IV's.

The items have traditionally been donated by Manitoba hospitals and medical clinics.

Three months ago the group's largest supplier the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority put a halt to the donations.

"This has basically put us out of business," said McIntyre.

She said they have enough supplies to keep them afloat for one year at the most.

But the WRHA is pointing the finger at the Federal Government.

"If we were able to donate these items to Hope International we would absolutely do that," said WRHA spokesperson Heidi Graham.

"I think their issue should be more with Health Canada and their regulations than with us.

The WRHA says it will simply discard what it doesn't need instead of making the donation.

According to International Hope officials they have not had a single complaint or lawsuit during their ten years of operation.

There's not much that can go wrong with a bed, it wheels or it doesn't said Roma Maconachie, President of International Hope.

"The waste is tragic and rather wicked."

WRHA has also said it asked hospitals to stop donating supplies in 2006 not three months ago.