Music's biggest stars always dazzle on the red carpet.

This year a Manitoba based jewelry maker is hoping to send celebrities attending the Grammys home with a sparkle of her own.

Amanda Park, owner of Park and Buzz Jewelry, just sent off 163 pairs of jewel covered purple studs to the awards show.

She recently made the official announcement on the company’s Facebook page.

Park explained they will be the only earrings in the official Grammy Awards swag bag given out to performers and presenters.

"That would be awesome if I see a Beyoncé, a Rhianna or whoever wearing my stuff. That would be pretty amazing," she added.

Each earring is assembled inside park's home in St. Andrews, Man.

Park told CTV News Wednesday that since making the big announcement, her team has been playing catch up.

"My website traffic day one of the release went like way up,” she said.

Park and Buzz isn't the first company to do this, quite a few Manitoba companies have shared their products in the Hollywood swag bags.

In 2010, High Tea Bakery had its imperial cookie featured in the Golden Globes gift bag.

Owner Belinda Bigold said being in the bag was an important stepping stone for brand recognition.

"I don't think we would've gotten the queen, or any of those high profile events, had it not been for the first step of going down to L.A.," Bigold added.

However, marketing strategist Brent Smith said there is no guarantee every product in the bag will hit it big.

"The likelihood of a celebrity picking it up and endorsing it for free on multiple occasions is low," he said.

However, there is some value in attaching the name of a growing business to an established awards show, Smith explained.

That is what Park is hoping for since she recently relocated her business from Saskatchewan.

A part of the profits from Park and Buzz is donated to support an orphanage in Kenya.