The Winnipeg Library got a Valentine’s Day gift it didn't expect to receive, two vinyl albums were returned to the Millennium Library.

Someone checked out two Sesame Street sing alongs in October 1985.

Now, 32 years later, they have been returned.

The Winnipeg Library said it's common for people to return books a day or two late, sometimes even by a week, but this return is considered out of the ordinary.

The library said someone came across the albums while cleaning out a family member's basement.

“At first I think we just chuckled quite a bit just to see the old albums coming back and the transaction cards that we used to use as due date slips,” Barbara Bourrier-Lacroix said , a collections librarian at the Winnipeg Public Library. “For some of us, who have been here since the 1980s, it was a bit of a flashback.”

The library did not charge any late fees, and it said it has a cap on fines.

You'll only ever pay $4.50 in late dues for kids’ books, or $11 for an adult book.

Vinyl went out of circulation from Winnipeg libraries in the early 1990s, and hasn't been seen at any location since 1992.

Instead, you can now listen to CD's or stream audio.

Library officials say the records are in good, playable condition.

They'll likely be held onto as historic mementos.