Officers have arrested more suspects following one of the largest raids on organized crime in Manitoba/>/>. Police also continue to search for other wanted men in connection with the investigation.

Today, the Manitoba Integrated Organized Crime Task Force announced it had arrested three more suspects as part of Project DIVIDE.

Police say the suspects face charges for drug trafficking and other offenses.

The three new suspects facing charges are:

Kyle Oliferchuk, 31, from Winnipeg

Eric John Sandberg, 28, from Surrey, B.C.

Daniel Hawkins, 29, from Burnaby, B.C.

On Wednesday, officers arrested 26 people as part of a takedown of organized crime, charging members of the Hells Angels and Zig Zag Crew with numerous offenses.

As part of the operation, police hired a gang member who became known as Agent 22 and helped officers make the arrests, which police say have completely shut down the Zig Zag Crew, the puppet club of the Hells Angels. For his involvement, Agent 22 is reportedly receiving a tax-free payment of just under $500,000 and is being relocated.

The Crown has also obtained direct indictments against all the accused, meaning they will go straight to trial with first having a preliminary hearing. Many of the suspects appeared in court Dec. 3. One of the suspects is a former RCMP officer who served with the force in the early 1990's.

On Dec. 4, police said another wanted suspect, Lloyd Henry Jansen, 38, turned himself into officers in Brandon.  

On Dec. 8, officers said another wanted suspect, Blair Denton Alford, 55, from Winnipeg had turned himself into police.

Officers continue to look for a number of other suspects who face charges in connection with the investigation.

The following people are still wanted by police:

Bruce Brown, 43, from Winnipeg, Zig Zag Crew member

  • Described as five feet, 11 inches tall, weighing 210 pounds with tattoos of skull and bones on both forearms.

Gerald Russell Frommelt, 25, from Selkirk, Zig Zag Crew prospect

  • Described as six feet, two inches tall, weighing 236 pounds with tattoos on right and left side of neck.

Police advise the public to not approach the four wanted men. People are asked to contact officers if aware of the suspects' whereabouts.

Officers are also looking for an additional prospective Zig Zag Crew member but have not released his name or picture

- with a report from CTV's Kelly Dehn

Take a look at our photo gallery to see the men still wanted by police.