What is the problem?

Television viewership has been remarkably stable for decades, but now those ratings do not generate the revenue required to pay for the cost of the local programs. Networks and stations across Canada have been reducing staffing levels in a bid to survive, but even the cuts are not enough.

The Television industry is struggling to provide the local programming it has for years because the advertising revenue that is the only source of funding for local stations' activities is now split up among the many dozens of channels the viewers can choose from rather than just the handful stations available decades ago.

What is the proposed solution?

The Cable companies pay the other channels, but they do not pay the local television stations that they charge you for. As a result local stations still depend solely on advertising revenue, and this is no longer enough.  Local television stations need the Cable companies to pay the same kind of fee to distribute their signals that they pay to the other channels.

But I already pay for local television! Doesn't my cable company charge me for the basic package with your stations included?

Cable companies are charging you a monthly fee for a package of channels that includes local stations like CTV. However, they don't pay local stations for the ability to distribute our channel through their service. Other channels in that package you are paying for are in return paid by the cable company, but our channel is being sold by the cable and satellite companies - and they pay us nothing for it.

Why can't local cable companies have their community access channels take over if local channels disappear?

Cable community channels do not produce news programs.  Journalists on local television stations bring Manitobans the information and analysis about the issues and events of the day - including breaking news - that we and our families need in order to be informed.  We do investigative and enterprise journalism.  Cable community channels don't.

How can I get involved?

If you think local TV is worth fighting for then join CTV staff and their families at Portage Place on Saturday, May 23, at 11:00 a.m.

You can meet and chat with all of your favourite CTV News Anchors and Reporters and take a tour of our newsroom and studios. We'll give you more information and tell you how to show your support for local television to your MP, The Minister of Heritage and even the Prime Minister.

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