Employees at Western Canada's oldest newspaper, the Winnipeg Free Press, are on strike after last minute contract negotiations broke down this weekend.

"We're talking which is a ray of light, but we have to make sure the concessions the employers ask for just don't happen," strike spokesperson Mary Agnes-Welsh told CTV News from the picket line. "So unless our owners are willing to take them off the table we could be here for a while."

Outstanding issues in contention include pensions, pay-cuts, and staffing levels.

About 1,000 employees including, photographer, reporters, couriers, and advertising staff, began walking the picket line at noon Monday.

The company also owns community newspapers like the Herald, the Lance, and The Metro.

Those employees are also on strike.

No papers will be produced during the strike.

CTV News contacted Winnipeg Free Press publisher Bob Cox to get management's perspective on this issue. He declined to comment.