A Winnipeg councillor will introduce the possibility of adopting a by-law to regulate the use and sale of unmanned aerial vehicles and drones at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

Scott Gillingham said the motion calls for a by-law that focuses on three areas of needed attention, including public safety, privacy protection and education of operators.

“While there are many business, industrial and recreational uses for these vehicles, the aim of this motion is ultimately to enable operators to fly their UAV in a manner that ensures the protection of people, property and privacy,” Gillingham said in a news release.

The motion also calls on the city administration to consult with appropriate stakeholders.

Winnipeg Airport Authority, who is in support of the motion, wrote Gillingham stating that, “drone safety is an emerging issue and this is an opportunity for the City to be proactive in raising awareness and governing the use of UAVs in Winnipeg.”

The motion, seconded by Councillor Brian Mayes, will be referred at the Oct. 4 meeting to the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works.